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Pokemon League Badge Set

Limited Supply - Only 3 Per Order

$27.50 $40.00
Save $12.50

Pokemon League Badge Set

  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Great gift piece for any Pokemon fan
  • Package includes 8 x Gym Badges
  • Color: As seen in picture

Shipping: Please allow 15 to  28 Business Days for Delivery


Kanto Region Badges

Top Row - Rainbow Badge, Marsh Badge, Cascade Badge, Thunder Badge  

Bottom Row- Boulder Badge, Soul Badge, Earth Badge, Volcano Badge


Johto Region Badges

Top Row - Zephyr Badge, Glacier Badge, Rising Badge, Fog Badge  

Bottom Row- Storm Badge, Mineral Badge, Hive Badge, Plain Badge


Hoenn Region Badges

Top Row - Stone Badge, Feather Badge, Mind Badge, Knuckle Badge  

Bottom Row- Dynamo Badge, Balance Badge, Heat Badge, Rain Badge


Sinnoh Region Badges

Top Row - Icicle Badge, Cobble Badge, Fen Badge, Coal Badge  

Bottom Row- Mine Badge, Beacon Badge, Relic Badge, Forrest Badge


Unova Region Badges

Top Row - Bolt Badge, Legend Badge, Quake Badge, Basic Badge  

Bottom Row- Wave Badge, Insect Badge, Toxic Badge, Jet Badge


Kalos Region Badges

Top Row - Voltage Badge, Rumble Badge, Fairy Badge, Psychic Badge  

Bottom Row- Iceberg Badge, Bug Badge, Plant Badge, Clift Badge

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