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Track my Order

Most of our items are shipped via Asia, so please allow 15-28 business days for the item to arrive to the USA. Delivery to other countries unfortunately might take longer because of post and customs circumstances which are out of our hands.

In the rare occasion that the item does not arrive within 35 business days, please write us at support@lootshack.com an we shall investigate. If you've ordered more than one item, please be aware, they it is quite normal for them to arrive separately within a few days of each other.

Most of the time we do not provide USPS/FedEx/UPS Tracking numbers, but if you encounter any problems, contact us at support@lootshack.com and we will quickly do our best to track your package.

Share your Order # and the Name the Order was placed under in the communication that you make with us so that we can locate your Order quickly.

In regards to other general queries, most can be solved by looking at our FAQ section. Please check this section first, before emailing.

Thank You